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2011 NFL Draft Grades: AFC Teams

SB Nation's Brian Galliford graded the AFC teams on how they did in the 2011 NFL Draft which ended last week. He only gave two teams the grade of "A" and yes, Baltimore Ravens' fans, one of those two teams was yours. He did term the draft class, "excellent," but did not give us that perfect score, downgrading it just a bit to an "A-" but loved it nonetheless.

The only other team to score a slightly higher grade than Baltimore were the Indianapolis Colts, who received an "A" mainly based on the need they filled by selecting two solid offensive linemen out of their five draft picks overall.

Looking around the rest of the AFC North, the Ravens division rivals all received solid scores and rightly so as the Cincinnati Bengals (B+), Cleveland Browns (B) and Pittsburgh Steelers (B+) all did well with addressing their needs in the draft. At the same time, the lowest grade Galliford gave to any AFC team was a "B-" so he wasn't willing to throw any team under the bus for their picks just yet.

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