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You Don't Want To Make Michael Oher Angry

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The Baltimore Ravens' Michael Oher is not a happy camper right now, calling out ESPN's draft analyst, Todd McShay, through his Twitter account for labeling players with "character issues" even though he had never met them. According to Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post, the Ravens left tackle was hurt when McShay made the same reference about Oher prior to the 2009 NFL Draft when Baltimore moved up in the first round to select him out of the University of Mississippi.

McShay, along with pretty much every other draft expert, put that label on the Ravens first pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, Jimmy Smith (Colorado). Smith may have had a long list of problems, but they were in his past, with no issues in the past two years. Even the words "character issues" by themselves, regardless of the severity or timeliness of them, can lower a player's draft stock that ends up costing him millions of dollars as the spot he is selected in the draft plummets.

Now that the draft is history, those same experts are saying the Ravens got a cornerback that may be as good, if not better than the two taken ahead of him, yet continue to cloud his reputation with concerns of future problems. Hence, Oher's problem with McShay, which Todd should understand is not a good person to get upset at you.