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Ravens' Rookie Torrey Smith Can Dunk!

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The Baltimore Ravens knew that Maryland wide receiver Torrey Smith can catch a football and run real fast. That's why they made him their second pick in the recently concluded 2011 NFL Draft. They hope that he can help improve the Ravens offense and stretch the field by giving them that deep threat that has been missing for quite some time.

However, the Ravens might not have known that they were getting a pretty darn good basketball player as well, not that it really matters. Smith was a star hoops player for Stafford High School in Virginia before deciding on football and going to the University of Maryland.

Hopefully, Torrey will stay away from the basketball court other than the one at the Ravens Training Complex, and not risk any injury to what will shortly be his million-dollar body! Something tells me that the Ravens will make sure he doesn't take any risks by putting language in his contract that forbids him playing any other sport other than what he will do on Sundays wearing a purple uniform.