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Peyton Hillis' Madden 2012 Cover

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice didn't want Ravens fans to vote him onto the cover of the next Madden 2012 video game. Rice actually was "upset" in the first round of the voting by eventual winner, RB Peyton Hillis of the Cleveland Browns. Hillis went on to go through to the finals before receiving more votes in the finale than Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick. See the cover shot and related story on

People speak about the "Madden Curse" and even Vick didn't want to take the risk of being the cover boy, and seemed actually relieved to not have won. To most people, despite having a solid year coming out of nowhere, Hillis is not one of the top running backs in the league. However, Cleveland fans got behind him and voted him through to the finals and ultimately victory.

It may end up being one of the few victories Hillis celebrates in the next year. Even though he burned the Ravens in their first meeting in 2010, he was held in check the second time around. Prior to the second matchup between the Browns and the Ravens, Ray Lewis said about Hillis' solid first game:

"Even a blind mouse finds a meal every now and then."