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Ravens Might Not Hold Training Camp in Westminster

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Scenes like the one in the photo above may not happen this summer as the Baltimore Ravens may be faced with making a very tough decision regarding where they will holding their Training Camp. Depending on the state of the current labor dispute, the team may not be able to guarantee neither McDaniel College, where the team practices, nor the Best Western Hotel in Westminster, Maryland, that the normal dates that they need will be set in stone.

Therefore, those businesses will need to make other plans, which would be a huge hit to the economy of the area. Not only do the Ravens spend a lot of money running their camp up there, but the amazing number of fans who brave the summer heat to watch their favorite Ravens practice for free, also eat, drink and shop in the area. If the Ravens do not practice there this summer, it will be the first time since there was no team in Baltimore from 1984 through 1995, that there was no professional football team practicing in Westminster.

According to a story in the National Football Post, the Ravens would then hold their Training Camp at their Owings Mills, Maryland Practice Facility, known around these parts as "the Castle." It has everything they need to run a Training Camp, except one thing: Room for all the fans that would love to watch. If the team does make this change, the public will not be able to attend any sessions at all, as there is no parking nor places for the fans to watch, which would be a great disappointment. The media will be invited to cover, which should include Baltimore Beatdown, but there is nothing better, especially for the youngsters that love the chances to get their favorite player's autographs after practice.