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Ravens Planning No Salary Cuts During NFL Lockout

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The Baltimore Ravens are not planning to cut and non-player employees' salaries during the NFL Lockout, although at one point they had considered it. According to a story on, the team had originally considered cutting non-player pay 25% across the board but ultimately decided not to make any cuts at this time.

The financial crisis caused by the current labor dispute has caused some teams to either cut salaries or furlough employees for periods of time that obviously will affect their paychecks. Many of these employees are on the lower end of the pay scale and need every penny they can get and for these millionaire players and billionaire owners to be arguing over how to split over $9 billion of revenue while the average person suffers is just unacceptable to the general public, this writer included.

Both sides should be embarrassed that they cannot reach an agreement to get the season back on track. With yesterday being Memorial Day and many people reflecting on what is truly important in our lives and respecting those who serve this country along with those who gave their lives for it, to even be discussing this issue is incomprehensible and disgusting and needs to be settled without waiting for the legal system to get involved.

Kudos to Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti fro stepping up and ensuring his employees do not feel the crunch that is not their responsibility to deal with in the first place.