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HBO's 'Hard Knocks' Looking At AFC North?

While HBO may not be specifically looking at one of the AFC North teams to be in the next season series, certainly is. PFT has posted a short story with a poll, asking you, the viewer, to vote on which of the four division teams you'd like to see on the in-depth series that covers the team's training camp to give viewers an inside perspective on what goes on off the playing field. Currently, the Browns lead the voting by fans over the three other AFC North teams.

The Baltimore Ravens were the first team in HBO's series to ever appear on Hard Knocks, which came the summer after the Ravens won Super Bowl 35 in 2001. The Cincinnati Bengals have also appeared on the series as well. One would think the producers of the show would prefer to have a team that has not been on the show yet, which leaves the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns.

Apparently, the Minnesota Vikings have recently turned down HBO's offer to be on Hard Knocks, as have three other teams, the Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Denver Broncos. Perhaps this series is starting to have its own "curse," as no team that has been on the series has gone onto win the Super Bowl the following year.