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Jimmy Smith "Wired Up" At Ravens Complex

New, comments had their first round draft pick from the recently completed 2011 NFL Draft, Jimmy Smith (CB - Colorado), miked up in his recent visit to the Baltimore Ravens Training Complex. He spent time with new defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano, who quizzed him on the Cincinnati Bengals newest wide receiver and asked him if he was ready to match-up not only on A.J. Green twice a year, but cover the opposition's best wide receiver on a weekly basis. Pagano had the necessary heart-to-heart talk with Smith, not hesitating to tell him that just like the rest of the players on the Ravens defense, he expects Smith to be a pro both on and off the field.

Next, Smith sits and talks with secondary coach Teryl Austin, who says that perhaps the fact that Smith got drafted later was a blessing as it means he was going to a better team, to which Jimmy relied, "you know you're going to the playoffs here."

Let's hope that Jimmy Smith contributes to that last statement becoming a reality in the 2011 NFL season.