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Ravens Drafted Tyrod Taylor As Flacco's Backup

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Even though Virginia Tech QB Tyrod Taylor set all sorts of records and earned a ton of honors, experts seem to feel that in order to make a career in the NFL he must learn to adapt to another position other than quarterback. However, Baltimore Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome seems to disagree with the masses and he has never been one to just go with the flow and just accept everyone else's opinions.

In 2010, Taylor was the ACC Player of the Year, ACC Offensive Player of the Year and ACC Championship Game MVP. Coming from the same school as the Philadelphia Eagles' Michael Vick, Taylor set Virginia Tech records in career total offense, career passing yards, career rushing yards by a quarterback, career wins by a starting quarterback, career rushing touchdowns by a quarterback and touchdown passes in a season.

While others may think that Taylor will need to make the transition from college quarterback to NFL receiver or kick returner, the Ravens GM thinks otherwise. "We drafted him as a quarterback, and he was evaluated as a quarterback," Newsome was reported as saying.

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