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Terrell Owens on Ed Reed

Ed Reed, to no one's surprise, is on the list of the NFL's Top 100 Players. What is a surprise, is this video which shows Reed's highlights, is narrated by none other than WR Terrell Owens. The normally self-promoting receiver gives credit where credit is obviously due, talking about how great Reed is and how is will go right into the Pro Football Hall of Fame once his playing days are over

At, the video shows a plethora of Reed's picks, including his 107 yard interception return against the Phladelpha Eagles' Kevin Kolb, who coincidentallyis one of  the hottest names on the trading block if this season ever gets underway anytime soon.

Reed's spot on the NFL Network's Top 100 was a no-brainer, but his actual spot will be one of debate, especially when compared, as he always is, to the Pittsburgh Steelers' Troy Polamalu. Each team's fans value their guy the better one, but both sides give major respect to the other. True football fans try not to compare the two, as while they are both safeties, Reed is a free safety and Polamalu is a strong safety. Their positioning and responsibilities differ greatly when you break down their assignments and while the debate will always be there, both sides agree that these two guys are far and away the two best safeties in the game today and arguably in NFL history as well.