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2010 Recap: Flacco's Worst Game

If you take away Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco's statistics from the second game of the 2010 NFL regular season, he has some of the best numbers of any QB in the NFL for the other 15 weeks of the season. Unfortunately, you just can't do that, so his performance in the Ravens 15-10 loss to the Concinnati Bengals has to be part of the record books. Based on the loss as well as Joe personal stats, it easily has to rank as his worst game of the 2010 regular season.

Flacco finish the game 17 for 39, for 154 yards, one TD pass and four interceptions. His QB rating was a dismal 23.8. That final stat should be enough to describe the type of game he had that Sunday afternoon, and despite the woeful performance the Ravens still had a chance to win until he threw his fourth and final pick of the day in the fourth quarter. Amazingly, had Joe only thrown three interceptions that day, there is a very good chance that the Ravens still could have escaped Cincinnati with a victory instead of their first loss of the 2010 regular season campaign on their way to a 12-4 record and another playoff berth.

Flacco finished 2010 with 25 TD passes and 10 interceptions Take away that nightmarish Bengals game and his stats read 24 TD passes and only six picks the rst of the 2010 regular season. For whatever reason, he always seems to have a tough time against the Bengals, as their defensive backs are both solid cover corners and he has always had a tough time against them.

With a better offensive line in 2011 and a deeper receiving corp for Joe, combined with the continuing turmoil in Cincinnati that now looks to have them totally revamping their offense at both QB and WR, there's every indication that Joe's past performances against them is just that, the past.