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Ravens Players Looking To Hold More Workouts

The Baltimore Ravens players finished their three-day 'players-only'  workout Thursday at Towson University's Johnny Unitas Stadium. The good news is that with a lot of concern regarding possible serious injuries that coud occur the three sessions ended without any sprains, stains or gasp, ...even worse. While the first day's workout was open only to the media, the final two days were private sessions, with no one in attendance other than the players.

However Baltimore Beatdown was able to get word fromDeb Poquette, of Campins Lifestyle Management, that helped organize the practices. She was there for all three days and says, regarding Thursday's final workout, that there was more of the same, with no injuries. She went on to say that consensus is that most guys want to continue doing this if lockout continues.  Derrick Mason will make a decision on dates, location, etc after court and invite all the guys again.

Hopefully, the NFL owners and players can work things out before the legal teams on both sides get into a long, drawn out battle of wills. It seems that the player's stand the most to lose the longer this lockout goes on and their best chance at getting the best possible deal is now, and not wait until the bettle moves into the late summer or even longer.