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Another 2012 NFL Mock Draft

With not too much to write about, here's another 2012 NFL Mock Draft, this time form Fansided's NFL Mocks. As worthless as they are, they make interesting reading for two main reasons. First of all, we get to see who they project to be our pick after next season is over. Furthermore, we also see where we are picking, which says something about the writer's thoughts on how good (or bad) our team will be.

Unfortunately for Baltimore Ravens' fans, while we'd like to be projected to be picking last next season for obvious reasons, this mock draft has us picking 28th, not bad, but once again, prior to those hated Pittsburgh Steelers, who are picking 31st, right before the current Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers (how imaginative, eh?). At least we can take solace in that our neighbors to the south, the Washington Redskins, get to select Standford QB Andrew Luck with the top overall pick in 2012.

As for the Ravens pick, they have us taking DE/ILB Donte' Paige Moss, from North Carolina. Here is what they say about the pick:

28. Baltimore Ravens- Donte Paige Moss, North Carolina, DE/LB

Corey Redding was solid last season, but he is not the long term future plan at defensive end for the Ravens.