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A Yahoo! Fan's Take On The Top NFL QBs

A Yahoo! Sports contributor wrote a story on a fan's view of the Top 33 Quarterbacks in the NFL for 2011. The good news for Baltimore Ravens fans is that Joe Flacco finished in the Top Ten at number nine. His positioning is pretty accurate overall, although there might be some debate about the guys both ahead and behind him in the order.

The bad news is that Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan is way up there at number six, but Tony Romo sits at number 12, three spots behind Flacco. At the same time, Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger is one spot ahead of Joe, but still three spots behind Ryan. While I could see an argument to put Matty Ice ahead of Joe Cool, I cannot fathom what puts him ahead of Big Ben. To make matters worse, the writer even has Ryan one spot ahead of New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees, making one wonder if by some chance this guy might just be a Falcons fan?

Here's what he says about Flacco:

"If it wasn't for Flacco, the Ravens wouldn't have made the playoffs the last three seasons. If they can learn to take better advantage of their weapons, he can lead them even further."