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Ravens Off Season Training – Day 2

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While neither the public nor media were invited to attend the second day of the Baltimore Ravens "players-only" practice yesterday at Towson University's Johnny Unitas Stadium, their workout was observed by the Public Relations Company that has helped organize the sessions.

Deb Poquette of Campins Lifestyle Management filed this report on Wednesday's practice with those at the initial workout on Tuesday:

"It was another good day for the players out at Towson University – no injuries.  Players stretched then worked on speed and footwork with cone drills and agility ladders.  Many of the field drills this morning worked their upper bodies – battling ropes and medicine balls were used. Joe Flacco worked with WRs and TEs while Ray Rice took a smaller group of RBs and others aside for some player-to-player instruction and mentoring.

Players finished the day lifting in the weight room followed by treatment and cold tubs. Players will have their last day at Towson tomorrow for this session.  Mac James of Athletic Dominance (the trainer who has been running the workouts) said that he’s been impressed with the physical condition of all the players."