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Steelers' Hines Ward Wins 'Dancing With The Stars'

In an announcement that surely will make most Baltimore Ravens fans sick to their collective stomachs, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward was named 2011 champion on the hit TV show, 'Dancing With The Stars' for season 12. Ward and his professional dance partner, Kym Johnson, beat out actress Kirstie Alley and her pro dance partner in the final episode last night on ABC.

Ward flashed that same "Cheshire grin" that nauseates Ravens fans every time he catches a pass on the football field when the winner was announced live last night. The only consolation for Ravens and was not the near serious accident a few weeks ago when Ward slammed his dance partner into the floor, landing on her neck but crying the following week after she returned to dance. Perhaps Ward's new skills and focus on his dancing career, and fear of the 'DWTS Curse' will affect his ability to focus on the upcoming season, regardless of when that will be.

At the same time, the constant practice required for all the tough dancing routines might be as good a workout as any player had in their off season. Maybe after he makes a catch against the Ravens in 2011, he'll spin around like one of his dance routines and then get slammed to the turf by Ed Reed in what would be a rightful payback.