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Zbikowski Puts Boxing Career On Hold

Baltimore Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski is putting his professional boxing career on hold for now, choosing instead to begin to make the transition from the boxing ring to the gridiron. According to a recent report at, 'Tommy Z' has pulled out of his June 4th scheduled fight with Mike Howell, which was supposed to take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Although Zbikowski was not present at the players-only practice at Towson University yesterday, he plans to head back to Baltimore in anticipation of more player-organized workouts until the NFL labor dispute is settled. With questions remaining on the status of former starting strong safety, Dawan Landry, Zbikowski stands a solid chance of earning the starting gig next to All-Pro Ed Reed in 2011.

After going 3-0 in the ring for 2011 to run his professional boxing record to 4-0, Tom knows this is the time he needs to focus on his pro football career and while he loves putting up his dukes and knocking down his opponents in the ring, he realizes it is more important to practice putting on the pads and knocking down his opponents wearing the purple uniform of the Baltimore Ravens.