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Will '"Dancing With The Stars" Curse Hit The Pittsburgh Steelers

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With Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward in the finale of the hit TV show, 'Dancing With The Stars,' could the same type of curse that supposedly follows the Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx and Madden NFL Football Video Game damn them to an unsuccessful season?

That's the question posed in one of the latest story posted on PressBox Online. Writer Kevin Heitz reviews the past performers on 'DWTS' in the sports arenas and how their teams did the following year. Two of the most recent and related NFL players to appears s contestants, Chad Ochocinco and Jason Taylor, bear out the truth behind the curse and how it negatively affected both their own statistics as well as their team's overall season.

If the Steelers and Ward end up having a poor 2011 season, many might point to this trend as the reason why it happened this way. However, most Baltimore Ravens fans will see it differently, as this is the time for the guys in purple to rule the AFC North and wipe that "Cheshire grin off of Ward's face and make him cry like he did after dancing last week!