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Ravens Players Practicing Together This Week

The Baltimore Ravens' players are holding a team practice this week at Towson University. It will be held from Tuesday through Thursday at Unitas Stadium on the college's campus. Unfortunately, the practice is not open to the public and while media are invited on Tuesday, both Wednesday and Thursday's sessions are closed to everyone but the players.

Towson University is holding graduation ceremonies on Tuesday, so even the players must vacate the premises by 11:30am, as traffic and parking will be crowded and Campus Security unsympathetic to those who try to show up to the closed practice, so don't even think about trying to attend. However, Baltimore Beatdown will be there to report on the events of the day and try to speak individually with a few of the players before they leave the field for the closed weightlifting portion of the practice on Tuesday.

It is not known which players will attending, but we should have a complete list of those on the field in our reports which will be posted along with photos as soon as practice ends Tuesday morning.