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Ravens' Billy Cundiff "Kicks Back" At Preakness

According to a story in The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Ravens placekicker Billy Cundiff wanted to experience the flavor of The Preakness yesterday and spent time in the infield with the masses, entered into a "Cornhole Tournament." To those who don't know, "Cornhole" is a game where you toss beanbags into holes  from a distance and try to outscore your opponent to win.

The game is a favorite in the Ravens locker room, although Cundiff acknowledged he doesn't play it nearly as much as teammate/punter, Sam Koch. Cundiff and his wife were at Pimlico and planned to "kick back" in the Grandstand after seeing what the legendary infield was all about. However this "Cornhole Tourney" was big stuff, requiring a $500 buy-in to enter for a chance to win.

After signing a five-year contract extension, Cundiff probably has enough cash to put up the entry fee, although if this CBA mess doesn't get settled soon, he might be looking for a loan from one of the higher paid stars on the Ravens!