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ESPN Mailbag: AFC North

James Walker of ESPN took questions in his AFC North Mailbag and had a bunch of comments about the Ravens and the other division opponents. He was asked if he thought the Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers would go a combined 31-1, as one question actually asked that.

He also spoke about the Ravens' newest rookie, CB Jimmy Smith and thought he might end up a good one, but it was too early to compare him to the more physical Chris McAlister. For Steelers fans who thought they might go after Nnamdi Asomugha, he told them to simmer down and get that thought out of their minds, as Pittsburgh rarely ventured into free agency, much less for a cornerback.

Walker scoffed at any ideas that either the Cleveland Browns or Cincinnati Bengals would contend in the AFC North, as both the Ravens and Steelers seem to have the division locked down for at least another year. Of course, once the CBA finally gets decided, we can see if that is true every come Sundays this fall.