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Vikings Ray Edwards To Fight Kimbo Slice?

As long as the Baltimore Ravens safety, Tom Zbikowski keeps stepping into the boxing ring to fight what most people think amounts to what is called in boxing terms, "stiffs," he should continue to emerge both victorious and unscathed. That might not be the same thing you will be saying about the Minnesota Vikings defensive end, Ray Edwards, who is rumored to being set up to fight YouTube video legend, Kimbo Slice, according to a story in the National Football Post.

Kimbo, who earned his reputation as one of the best street fighters, wasn't as successful in the octagon, and now looks to the boxing ring as a way to earn his way back toward the top. Edwards, who at 6'5" and 268 pounds, is a big guy, but he should think twice about the guy who earned his terrifying reputation of fighting and pummeling anyone stupid enough to put up their dukes in a backyard, alley or empty room.

Zbikowski has fought three times this year and looks to continue his winning streak in his next fight scheduled for June 4th. However, if Ray Edwards is silly enough to step into the ring with Kimbo Slice, his boxing career might be very, very short.