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Marc Bulger Might Return To Ravens

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As the 2011 NFL Draft ended and the dust settled on what teams still needed to look for what positions whenever free agency opens up, it appeared that Ravens backup QB Marc Bulger would have a line of suitors waiting at his doorstep to sign him to start for their team. The list of teams projected to covet the former backup for Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco and eleven year NFL veteran included the Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers, Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco 49ers.

The Arizona Cardinals were talked about as the most likely landing spot for Bulger, possibly following in the footsteps of the retired Kurt Warner, another veteran that resurrected his career throwing to wide receivers Larry Fitzgerald and now Ravens WR Anquan Boldin. However, the recent word is that Arizona is looking to possibly trade for Philadelphia Eagles backup QB Kevin Kolb, which would negate any chance of Bulger earning a starting gig there.

Many of the other teams have drafted future starting quarterbacks and might no longer be in the hunt for a veteran like Bulger to mentor their new rookie. That means the odds of Bulger not receiving an offer to start again in the NFL could diminish, which would greatly improve the Ravens chances, if they so desired, to bring him back for at least another season. Having Bulger as an insurance policy for Flacco was a great luxury for the Ravens in 2010, who paid a decent price for Bulger's baseball cap-wearing, clipboard-carrying services and might consider doing it again if the opportunity arises in 2011.