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Aaron Rodgers Reminisces On The Super Bowl

There's a great Q&A with Green Bay Packers QB and Super Bowl 45 MVP Aaron Rodgers from Sports Radio Interviews. Rodgers responds to questions about the game itself, but also has interesting takes on Christina Aguilera's National Anthem fiasco, the "I'm going to Disney World" commercial and if he plans to wear that huge ring the players get to design and receive.

Regardless of whether you are a Packers fan, and we all were rooting for Green Bay to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers (right?), the short interview is chock full of great quotes and reminds us all of how amazing it must feel to not only have your favorite team in the Big Game, but to be able to actually play in it like Rodgers obviously cherished.

His comments seem to confirm what many people have said about the young man that looks to be heading towards a career loaded with All Pro honors and loads of success, and that is that he is down-to-earth and humble enough to be honored to reach the level of success that he has had in his short career.