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Does Ray Lewis Deserve A Statue?

Johnny Unitas Statue - M&T Bank Stadium (photo credit: Helmet Hut)
Johnny Unitas Statue - M&T Bank Stadium (photo credit: Helmet Hut)

Over at, they are filling their web pages with anything to draw interest during as big a lull in any football news as there has been in years. This NFL Lockout thing is making it relatively difficult to find much to discuss about football, so sites are digging deep into their bowels to pull out something to write about.

Vic Carucci wrote a story, "Worthy recipients: NFL folks who deserve statues in their honor" on what players on each team deserve a statue out front of their stadium and why. For Baltimore, while the first name that comes up is the Ravens All-Pro linebacker, Ray Lewis, other names have been mentioned. Carucci also thinks that former Baltimore Colts great, QB Johnny Unitas, deserves one, mentioning that the 'Golden Arm' already is immortalized in bronze at the entrance to M&T Bank Stadium.

Carucci acknowledges that the Colts' name, colors and records belong to Indianapolis but rightly states it is his story and list, so he can set whatever rules he wants. Too bad he isn't settling the NFL Labor dispute, eh?