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Ravens' Zbikowski To Fight In Early June

Baltimore Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski is 4-0 in his professional boxing career, with the last three victories coming in 2011 as he finds time to pursue his passion in light of the NFL Lockout. The way things have been progressing in negotiations on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, Zbikowski should be able to schedule more fights long into the summer unless the NFL owners and players can settle this mess.

"Tommy Z," as he has been called in the ring, will be fighting in Los Angeles on June 4th, against Mike Howell, a cruiser-weight from Minnesota, according to a story by Ken Murray at Ravens Insider. Howell has a professional record of 2-1, with one knockout. He has fought a total of nine rounds as a cruiser-weight, weighing between 178 and 194 in his three fights, all held in Minnesota.

Meanwhile, Zbi has only fought a total of seven rounds in his four professional fights, not significantly more than Howell. However, Tom should have no problem dispatching this fighter as well as he has been able to with the others. Howell's last fight was way back in September, 2009 and was held at a place called "Mickey's Irish Saloon," so don't expect too much out of The Staples Center in two weeks as the fight might come down to two big hits: Tommy Z hitting Howell, and then Howell hitting the canvas!