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Joe and Mike Flacco Play Catch

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is not letting the NFL Lockout slow down the progress he is making in the off season. He continues to work out and understands the pressure is on him to prove he can take control of the Ravens offense and lead them to the next level. The pressure on him does not come from the media or fans, but fro the competitive nature he has always had within himself.

Flacco has flown to Arizona to work out with some of his receivers and plans to be at Towson University next week in a players-only workout. That workout, scheduled for May 24-26, will be closed to the public, but Baltimore Beatdown will be there along with other media to report back to you all on the workouts. Don't expect anything significant to come out of the practice, as the players will probably lift weights and do some football related, non-contact drills, with the prime urpose to show solidarity and not get injured.

In the meantime, according to a story by Ryan Mink of, Flacco has his own routine to stay in shape, which includes throwing a baseball with his younger brother, Mike, who is playing baseball in the Baltimore Orioles' minor league farm system. Hopefully, he might learn to throw a few curveballs around the defense into his receiver's waiting hands!