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DeMaurice Smith Speaks At Maryland Commencement

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National Football League Player Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith was the featured speaker at the University of Maryland Commencement Exercises yesterday. Smith walked to the podium amid chants from the students to get the Collective Bargaining Agreement settled and football started, responding to the crowd, "I want football too."

In a story from the National Football Post, Smith went on to make a strange reference to the song, Rock n' Roll Part 2, where at the end of the music, Terps fans are known to shout, "You suck!" It seemed he was trying to say that they should be directing those words at the NFL owners, as if it were solely their fault that this labor situation has gone on so long.

The problem now is that with the possibility of lifting the lockout gone until at least next month, the owners now have the leverage and unless the players are willing to budge, it is looking at the very real possibility of the 2011 season being delayed.