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2012 NFL Mock Draft

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It's never too early to start thinking about next year, right? Even though the 2011 NFL Draft is still fresh in our minds, the draft-niks at SB Nation are already thinking ahead to the 2012 NFL Draft. So they have amazingly put together a Mock Draft for next year,with of course the "ace" for the worst record in order to draft Stanford QB Andrew Luck being the top prize.

So with the 2011 NFL season in jeopardy and no idea of how it will turn out, SB Nation's 2012 Mock Draft has determined who will not only get the first pick in the draft but due to the draft order, they have the 32nd pick obviously predicted to win it all in the Super Bowl. Sadly, they only have the Baltimore Ravens making the 24th pick in next year's draft, while us Ravens fans are fully expecting our team to pick last for a very good reason.

Check out their Mock Draft by clicking on the link in the previous paragraph and then let us know what you think of their selection for the Ravens, much less the draft position as well as who picks first and who picks last.