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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Baltimore Ravens

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With not much going on since the end of the 2011 NFL Draft, why not look a year into the future and take a chance on predicting what will happen in the 2012 NFL Draft? With the lockout looking to continue long into the rest of the spring and perhaps deep into the summer, the next draft might add players to the teams before the ones just drafted ever get a chance to step onto the playing field.

That would be a scary proposition to think about, as there just has to be way to get the labor issues settled and the 2011 season underway. In the meantime, we will continue to entertain ourselves with whatever we can, hence this 2012 NL Mock Draft. Most of these guys are not close to household names, even with big football fans. At some point early next year, their names will rise or disappear, depending on their level of success in the collegiate football season, which will definitely not be delayed or cancelled in 2011.

So when you see the Baltimore Ravens drafting Boise State defensive end Billy Winn with the 29th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft, you might be saying "who?" now, but by then you might be cheering the same name.