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Re-Grading 2008 Draft

Based on a story over at, the 2008 NFL Draft brought the Baltimore Ravens two future stars in first round pick, QB Joe Flacco, and second round pick, RB Ray Rice. Both players have a great future in front of them and have been to the playoffs all three seasons in the NFL. However, many of those so-called draft "experts" down-graded the Ravens selections as not good, but little did they know...

One analyst felt the Ravens pick of Flacco was a "reach" and "didn't really like" the selection of Rice in the second round. He even went far enough to say that both quarterbacks Chad Henne and Brian Brohm would have been "better options" than this tall, strong-armed kid out of little Delaware. Thank god we have Ozzie Newsome as the Ravens GM and not some know-it-all sportswriters like those guys who thought our 2008 draft earned anywhere from a "B" to "C" grade.

Even without taking into consideration that players such as safeties Tom Zbikowski and Haruki Nakamura, as well as contributors LB Tavares Gooden, OT Oniel Cousins and WR Marcus Smith (Special Teams), who are still on the team's roster, the draft was an excellent one based on just the first two picks.