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Could Donovan McNabb Land With Ravens?

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From a story in The Baltimore Sun, there is thought that current Washington Redskins QB Donovan McNabb could possibly end up being current Baltimore Ravens starting QB Joe Flacco's backup. How would that happen and would either team, much less McNabb be interested in this scenario?

One would think that the Ravens would be thrilled to have a player of McNabb's caliber as insurance for Flacco, just like they did when they had Marc Bulger in reserve during the 2010 season. The Redskins wouldn't care if he was in Baltimore and in fact, would prefer he be out of the NFC, much less no longer being a starter to come back and beat them.

At the same time, I just cannot see any way that Donovan would be willing to assume a bench role, as he still can and knows he has the abilities to start and succeed in the NFL. The story bases its premise on the feeling that the possibilities of McNabb going to teams that need a starting quarterback may be looking at other alternatives other than the former Eagles and soon-to-be former Redskins QB.

One thing is for sure, he'd certainly have to change his uniform number! That said, would Ravens fans welcome McNabb as Flacco's "insurance policy?"