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ESPN Ranks NFL Team Helmets

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Baltimore Ravens helmet
Baltimore Ravens helmet

As evidence that there is little to write about while the NFL Lockout keeps the league in limbo, ESPN has taken to entertain us by ranking the helmets of each team. Alerted to this by a funny story by our friends over at SB Nation's Kansas City Chiefs blog, Arrowhead Pride, we just had to promote this story by posting one of our own here on Baltimore Beatdown.

If you really want to make yourself sick to your stomach, click on the rankings link and you will see the #1 ranked helmet in the NFL is the Pittsburgh Steelers. To drive the knife deeper into Baltimore's heart, the Indianapolis Colts are second on the list. There were only 26 teams whose helmets received any votes and while the Jacksonville Jaguars came in last, your Baltimore Ravens were tied for next to last with three other teams, the New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers and Buffalo Bills

Finally, to further discredit this ranking, how in the world could the Cleveland Browns plain filthy colored helmet end up as the 8th best in the entire NFL!? At least the Cincinnati Bengals tiger stripes didn't even make the list, but....Cleveland?