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Hines Ward Cheap-Shots Dance Partner

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Even off of the football field, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward still gets his cheap-shots in. A contestant on the hit TV show, Dancing With The Stars, Ward was practicing with him pro dance partner, Kim Johnson, when he was supposed to flip her between his knees. Instead he pulled her towards him bent in half and then collapsed on her body driving her bent neck into the ground beneath all 205 pounds of him.

Johnson laid motionless on the ground, even complaining that she couldn't feel her arms. She was taken on a stretcher via ambulance to the hospital, where she emerge with a neck brace. The couple did dance last night on DWTS, bringing Ward to tears (wahhh!) on the emotional journey and near critical injury he could have caused by his clumsiness.

In all fairness to Ward, which is more than he offers on the football field when blindsiding defenseless players, the routines that these contestants have to master in such a short time period require constant training during which injuries have occurred many times over the course of the series. However, as all Ravens fans will freely admit, seeing their hated rival do this on national TV is just something we couldn't overlook.