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#1 Father's Day Gift for ANY Sports Fan!

Clicker Universal Remote Control
Clicker Universal Remote Control

Father's day is coming up next month and this might be the best possible gift for the real sports fan! Leaving your couch to open a beer is so 2010, as this great new product takes that much too physical effort out of the process. Now you can enjoy watching your favorite sporting event on TV and open your beer bottle without ever having to put down or relinquish the remote control in your hand!

Introducing the Clicker Universal Remote, which incorporates the combination of an incredible remote control along with a bottle opener built into the side of the remote! It controls up to 9 devices without leaving the couch. Program your TV, satellite, cable, DVD player among other devices, and then pop open your favorite beverage with the bottle cap opener, all from the comfort of your family room sofa.

The Clicker was featured in Maxim Magazine's 2010 Holiday Gift Guide and countless other TV shows since its release. It was invented by a guy who was traveling back to New York from a "guys-only" weekend in Wisconsin and came up with the idea that gives you one less thing to look for in your home while munching, drinking and watching TV. Check out their story and how to buy one and perhaps you should print this out and secretly leave it where your significant other might "stumble"upon it and get it for you this Father's Day!