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Can Jimmy Smith Be Rookie Of The Year?

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When the Baltimore Ravens selected Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith with the 27th pick in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft, they got the third corner picked in the first round. The consensus best corner in the draft, Patrick Peterson (LSU), went 22 picks earlier than Smith to the Arizona Cardinals with their 5th over pick. Nebraska's Prince Amukamara was selected by the New York Giants at #19, also ahead of the Ravens selection.

However, the Ravens rookie may be in the best position of the three to be the best of the trio and quite possibly contend for Rookie of the Year honors. According to a story at SB Nation's Denver Regional Hub, Smith fits perfectly into the Ravens defensive scheme and should be their #1 corner from the beginning of the 2011 NFL season, whenever that might be.

Even Scouts, Inc.'s Matt Williamson mentioned that he would end up being named the Defensive Rookie of the Year, although he acknowledged that defensive backs are rarely given that honor. However, if he is even under consideration for such an award, most Ravens fans, much less his teammates and coaches, would be thrilled with that level of success in his first year in the NFL.