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Cowboys' Romo 18 Spots Ahead Of Flacco on NFL's Top 100 Players

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If fans of the Baltimore Ravens were upset when the NFL Top 100 Players of 2011 came out showing that Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco was ranked as the 90th best player and Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman was four slots ahead of him, then they will go nuts when they see that Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo was ranked 72nd on this list.

The NFL Network show just released players 80-71 and the Cowboys QB, who is a nine-year veteran, gets the high ranking despite missing most of the 2010 NFL season, playing in just six games and throwing just over 200 passes before getting injured and missing the final ten games.

The NFL Network crew debated the QB rankings, with twelve QB's in the Top 100. Analyst Jay Glazer said that Romo should be ranked higher than that, but in his own list of the Top 12 QB's in the NFL for 2011, he had Romo ranked 10th and the Ravens' Flacco not even on his list! Remember, this series on the NFL Top 100 Players for 2011 was voted on by the players, not the analysts nor the fans, so if you have a problem with the rankings, it's the players who should know the best of all, right? Well, shouldn't they?