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ESPN's Walker Thinks Josh Wilson May Be History

In his ESPN mailbag, James Walker, who writes the AFC North Blog, says the acquisition of rookie cornerback Jimmy Smith (Colorado) probably spells the end of Josh Wilson for the Baltimore Ravens. Wilson will be a free agent and with Smith, Domonique Foxworth, Lardarius Webb as well as Chris Carr, the team has other financial needs rather than spending money on Wilson.

Walker was questioned about his opinion on the future of Wilson from a fan and while acknowledging he did a "solid job" for the Ravesn, he just does not think his return will be at the top of the team's priority list, despite local fans liking the former University of Maryland product.

Walker also was asked if the Ravens could supplant the Pittsburgh Steelers atop the AFC North, a question he sort of "side-stepped" by saying he woud hold his opinion until after free agency, training camps and seeing the teams in person, but thinks if Jimmy Smith could stay out of trouble they might get it done.