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NFL Lockout Could Benefit Undrafted Free Agents

From an interesting perspective, Jack Bechta of the National Football Post, takes a look at how the NFL Lockout, originally thought to hurt those undrafted free agent college players, could actually work to their benefit. Normally, as soon as the 2011 NFL Draft ended, there would have been a "feeding frenzy," as teams contacted those undrafted players to get them signed to contracts with no signing bonuses nor promises of job security.

Now, their agents are combing through each NFL team's roster to see where their client stands the best chance of earning a roster spot. That type of research would have been virtually impossible given the time constraints of the normal process. They would have either signed the first contract put in front of them, or had to decide within hours and at the most, days after the seven rounds ended.

This benefit from their agent's representation, could easily be the difference between a chance at a career in the NFL, or being unemployed and hitting the pavement like most college grads (if indeed they did graduate!) have to do once their collegiate days are over.