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Former Ravens DT Justin Bannan Could Return To Broncos

When Denver Broncos defensive tackle Justin Bannan was released earlier this year, many fans of the Baltimore Ravens were hoping that his former team would re-sign the fan favorite, who spent four years in Baltimore. Bannan played very well in the Ravens system and filled in for starter Kelly Gregg when he was injured a few years ago.

According to, the Broncos are interested in bringing back Bannan, as well as fellow DT Jamaal Brown, who was also released at the same time as Bannan. Both guys could still fit into Denver's plans, according to the Broncos defensive coordinator, in the PFT story.

Shortly after the Broncos released Bannan earlier this year, he was quoted in the Baltimore Sun's Ravens Insider as saying he would "love" to return to the Ravens. It still could happen once free agency opens up for the 2011 season, but now if Denver really wants Bannan to return, it would probably take a bit more to get him than it would had the Broncos passed on his possibility of returning.