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Ravens' Landry On Cowboys Radar

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Baltimore Ravens strong safety Dawan Landry might be a free agent once this NFL labor mess gets squared away and when it does, there's a decent chance the Dallas Cowboys might go after him. According to Staff Writer Josh Ellis, Landry's reputation as a run stopper could be just what Dallas needs to improve their second level of tackling.

He mentions Landry's four interceptions in 2009 yet none last season. His 200 tackles over the past two years sparks possibilities for a Cowboys defense that was embarrassed at times in 2010. Dallas would let their current starting strong safety, Gerald Sensabaugh, who is also a free agent, walk in order to sign Landry.

The Ravens are thought to be considering a change at strong safety, with many thinking that Tom Zbikowski would be a better bet to start next to Ed Reed than Landry. Zbikowski has played well in relief of both Landry and Reed when they were injured and seems to have more of an upside than Landry does.