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Seven so-called experts from, along with the fan's votes, rank the NFL teams from 1 - 32. Together they come up with a consensus rank for each team. For the most part, the top three ranked teams were agreed upon by both the experts and fans. They were, from one to three, the Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers. The experts and fans differ on the teams ranked fourth through sixth, but they are the same teams just in different order. Those three teams are the New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons and New York Jets.

Both group have the Baltimore Ravens ranked as the seventh best team in the NFL. However, the consensus has them ranked second in their division behindf the Steelers and fourth in the AFC behind Pittsburgh, New England and the Jets. Ouch.

Only two of the experts from ranked Baltimore higher than the sixth best team in the league. Jason LaCanfora has them at #2, behind the Packers and ahead of the Steelers. Steve Wyche has Baltimore at #3, behind, in order, New Orleans and Green Bay but ahead of, in order, New England, the Jets and Pittsburgh.

Personally, I totally understand the Packers and even the Steelers, but based on the deep playoff runs the Ravens have had the past three years, I just don't get how we can be ranked as low as ten on one board and seventh overall. For whatever reason, despite their recent success, the New York Jets just don't impress me, but I guess the hype of the city and the "Sanchize" gets people's votes. The Falcons haven't done squat in the post season and even the Patriots have exited in the first round of the post season the past two seasons after no even making it in 2008.

I would put the Ravens third overall behind both the Pack and Pittsburgh, but would have a real hard time thinking that the Jets are a superior team to ours. New York fans might have an argument with this, but this is The Beatdown, right? What say you?