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Ravens' Ben Grubbs Undergoes Ankle Surgery

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Baltimore Ravens guard Ben Grubbs underwent ankle surgery last week to remove bone spurs that have bothering him for quite a while. The surgery, which according to a story in the National Football Post, was Grubbs second in as many years, went fine and he expects to be 100% when the Ravens finally get on the field once the NFL Labor issues are resolved.

The Carroll County Times' Aaron Wilson, who writes for both publications, reported on this and quotes Grubbs on both his ankle rehabilitation progress as well as his thoughts on the lack of a labor deal and his hopes and belief that it will be settled in time for him and his teammates to play a full 2011 NFL season.

Grubbs says that he misses the routine and his teammates, but the opportunity to be with his family and spend time with his son is something he obviously cherishes. Good to see an NFL player using this time for a change to be a family man and not be in the news for making poor judgement with all this leisure time on their hands.