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Ravens' "Mount" Cody Expected To 'Break-Out'

According to a story in the National Football Post, in a recent conference call with season ticket holders, Baltimore Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome was asked which Ravens player would have a break-out season in 2011. He responded, "I'm going to take the Alabama guy," meaning former Alabama defensive tackle, Terrence Cody. "Mount" Cody was a rookie last year and needed to not only learn the Ravens defense, but lose a few pounds or fifty before he could make any impact.

During Training Camp, you could always see Defensive Line Coach, Clarence "CB" Brooks putting Cody as well as fellow DT Arthur Jones, through extra sprints at the end of practice in the hot summer sun. At one time, Cody's weight was close to 400 than it was to 300 and the team wants him to play at under 350 pounds. On the depth chart behind All-Pro Haloti Ngata and veteran Kelly Gregg, Cody had to stand a watch most of the 2010 season, but was effective in the few opportunities he got.

During the Ravens first round playoff victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, Cody flattened Chiefs' RB Jamaal Charles, causing a fumble that the Ravens recovered and went on to score with a few plays later. When his time comes to shine in 2011, Cody has every thought to make it count, saying, "It started off slow and it got better each game. I was playing faster by the end of the season . Hopefully I can start next year if I dominate in off-season and camp."