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Marc Bulger Rated Top Free Agent QB

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The NFL Total Access Crew thinks that former Baltimore Ravens backup QB Marc Bulger is the best veteran free agent QB that will be on the market once free agency finally begins. Analyst Jamie Dukes says that the Cardinals will try to find "lightning in a bottle" like they did when they brought in veteran QB Kurt Warner, who then led them to the Super Bowl before retiring recently.

The report shows a video of Bulger on the Ravens' sideline, next to current Ravens starting QB Joe Flacco, and the Kurt Warner clips show him throwing the ball to current Ravens WR Anquan Boldin. The other analyst, Charles Davis, feels that with Bulger behind a better offensive line than he did his final years in St. Louis, where he got rocked, would make them instant contenders in the relatively weak NFC West. They go on to agree that with a veteran QB, the Cardinals could go deep into the post season, as once you get in, anything can happen.

In Baltimore, we know that so well, and hope that in 2011, that "anything can happen" phrase could easily mean the Super Bowl for the Baltimore Ravens.