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Sergio Kindle In Court Today

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Sergio Kindle will find out this afternoon whether or not he will receive punishment for driving under the influence as his court case has been moved up from the original scheduled date of May 18th. In a story posted on the National Football Post, Kindle's blood alcohol content was 0.17 when he was pulled over in December as he was returning from taking a friend to the airport. Depending on what the court system says, the NFL will monitor and determine if any further punishment, including a suspension is warranted. Kindle has yet to see the light of the football field other than at the Ravens Practice Facility before injuring his skull and missing the entire 2010 season. He has been working out in exas and says he feels great, but despite numerous tests and physician visits, he still has not been cleared to resume football-contact activities. However, as he previously said, he is putting on a helmet and banging his head into the wall to see how it feels and reports no ill effects that would scare anyone, other than, of course, why he might be putting on a helmet and banging his head into the wall in the first place!?