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Ray Lewis Has A "Different" Opinion On NFL Labor Issue

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According to a story on, veteran All-Pro linebacker Ray Lewis has a completely different take on the NFL labor issue than most players around the league. He won't go into the details right now, but it might be fair to say that he is not fully on the side of the majority of outspoken players on the issues.

Lewis was at an autograph signing at Harford Mall the other night and was asked about the NFL Lockout and his plans during this time when there normally are team activities but now they are all in limbo. Of course, everyone knows that Lewis' off season workouts are legendary around the league and has included a bunch of NFL players around the league, with the common denominator being playing their collegiate football at the University of Miami.

In addition to staying in the tip-top shape that has allowed him to play at such a high level at a time when most players his age are either constantly injured or retired, he has his own clothing line that he is promoting as well as various charitable activities that he represents. Either way, Ray Lewis will not be out of the spotlight anytime soon, to the disappointment of many a player in other teams' colors around the NFL.