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Zbikowski Video: Knockout vs. Big Hit

Over at, they have a video of the Baltimore Ravens' safety, Tom Zbikowski, discussing the difference in the feeling between a knockout in the boxing ring and make the big hit on the football field. The knockout in the video is early in his boxing career, and you will see his knockout power as the fight lasts only as long as it takes for 'Tommy Z' to throw the first punch. Don't blink or you'll miss the entire fight!

The solid hit on the gridiron is one that Zbikowski put on the Cleveland Browns' Josh Cribbs, as he lifts Cribbs off his feet and slams him down.

Tom describes the difference between the two different types of hits, although it is obvious that he enjoys them both and is looking forward to having more of both in the future, with the ones in the boxing ring unfortunately coming sooner than the ones on the football field.