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Houshmandzadeh Wants To Return To Ravens

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Despite the personal statistics not living up to his expectations, wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh would like to return to the Baltimore Ravens in 2011. Houshmandzadeh was signed to a one-year deal for 2010 and will be an unrestricted free agent once the Collective Bargaining Agreement is settled and free agency begins anew.

Even though his 30 receptions for 398 yards and three TD's were his least productive season since his rookie year of 2001, T.J. loves the locker room and his teammates and knows the Ravens are one of the perennial contenders for a post-season berth and a possible Super Bowl appearance. However, T.J. did have one of the most important catches of the 2010 regular season, when his 18-yard TD catch beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh with seconds left on the game clock.

For a veteran such as Houshmandzadeh, the chance at a ring can take priority over being the star receiver at this point of their career and you have to applaud the pro's awareness of his situation and willingness to just be a per of the team.

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