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Pro Football Shaves 25 Years Off Life Expectancy

Canadian Football League player Doug Brown wrote a column in the other day's Winnipeg Free Press, which was analyzed in a blog post on a site called 'The Score.'
In it, Brown relays a startling excerpt from a report the CFL player reps were presented at their annual general meeting recently in Las Vegas. Here's the money quote:
Brown said the presenters cited a study by Michael Glueck M.D. and Robert Cihak M.D., who apparently found that "the average life expectancy for all pro football players, including all positions and backgrounds, is 55 years," adding that "several insurance carriers say it is 51 years."
The average life expectancy in Canada is just over 80. In the United States, it's just under 80. There are only a few dozen countries on the planet where the life expectancy is lower than it is in the NFL world. The Score elaborates on the whole thing in the post.
Really makes you think.